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Since the early 20th century, the Czech-Polish Ridgeway has led from the Jizera Mountains to the Jeseník (Ash) Mountains, crossing the border of four regions and two states. It is situated within the Czech-Polish border region, where there are a number of sites of natural significance such as the mountain ranges of Krkonoše (Giant Mountains), the Broumovsko PLA,  Soví hory (Own Mountains), Bystřické hory, Orlické hory (Eagle Mountains), the Jizera Mountains and more. In 2018 to 2021, through eighteen partners on both sides of the border led by the Glacensis Euroregion, the “Czech-Polish Ridgeway – Eastern Section” project was implemented, involving not just re-signposting the entire route but also the construction of new tourist destinations. A total of ten viewing towers and viewing points were constructed, alongside parking spaces, two new information centres and a new access trail to the towers. The Czech Republic was given a new connection to Poland via a wooden bridge across the Divoká Orlice river near the pilgrimage site of Neratov in the Eagle Mountains. This extensive project aims to increase public interest in the natural, cultural and historical sites of interest within the Czech-Polish border region.


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